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This deviation was deleted

Vision: I'm not sure if this is helpful at all nor does it have much to do with this category-- but some Band needs to pay you to do their cover art or something because this is INSANELY good.

Originality: I completely love all the symbolism you put into this picture. The reaching of the hand from the figure on the far left, the tree roots up the leg, the connections up through the tree between the people in the image, all the items hanging from the tree... there's so much I don't even think I can catch it all in the first ten minutes of staring at it. I've seen maybe one or two of these ideas, but I've never seen an image like this before with so many of these ideas executed at the same time. Anywhere. It's very unique and amazing.

Technique: What blows me away is the amount of details in the picture. When artists use a lot of blacks and greys often these kinds of details are lost, but this isn't the case here, I can see so much and if anything you've demonstrated how well you can apply texture and contrast.

Impact: It's bold, and it's interesting and the green background is in good contrast to the darker colors in the picture. There's so much going on but my eyes are drawn to all the right places and I can see so many different things going on in the picture but it's never tiring to look at.

Please continue to keep doing what you're doing!
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GayMenDancing Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*figure on the far right
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